Consultant List



The following ATRA members have expressed availability for short-term projects, small-scale consulting engagements or other non-standard work arrangements. This list is not intended for individuals looking for permanent placement, career advancement or long-term (> 90 days) attachments.

Individuals in this list are:

  • In transition and looking for short term/interim project work; or
  • One or two-person consultant/contractor entities; or
  • Seeking part-time or other non-standard work arrangements

ATRA does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained in the list and does not assume any responsibility for the reliability or usefulness of such information. Rather, the list is provided as a courtesy to visitors to this site. It is your responsibility to verify the expertise of the individuals and to negotiate the services they will provide.

If you are a member of ATRA and would like to be included or removed from this list, please complete the submission form through this link: