We are proud to be a member of the WorldatWork Local Network. Together with WorldatWork, we are committed to your professional development and invite you to purchase WorldatWork courses, Blended Learning courses, E-Learning courses, webinars, conferences and membership at a discounted rate. If you are also a member of WorldatWork you will get the deepest discount. View our special pricing here.

How You Register to Receive the Special Discounted Pricing
There are 2 ways you can register for WorldatWork-hosted classes and products to receive the special discounted pricing:

1)  Call WorldatWork customer service at 877-951-9191. Give the advisor the promo code ATRATR2020

2)  Visit the WorldatWork website You simply need to enter the promo code ATRATR2020 upon checkout

Special Note: On the WorldatWork website you will be required to login. If you do not have a login ID and password or you are not sure, please select the “forgot” option at the top right of the screen. When prompted, input the same email address you used for your Local Network membership. WorldatWork will email your ID and password so you may login and take advantage of these great offers.